What’s Wrong with My Lawn?

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South Florida is Known for Being Lush and Green

For homeowners, one of the best things about living in South Florida is having a beautiful lawn all year round. It’s sunny and humid all year, so that means never having to worry about snow or dry weather ruining the lawn you spend so much time maintaining.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone. Some people really struggle with keeping their lawn looking presentable, even with the advantage of South Florida’s perpetual sunshine.

Even some of the most attentive homeowners’ lawns or plants are always faded, no matter how much rain falls. Or for some people, no amount of bug spray can get rid of those dangerous fire-ant piles littered all over the lawn.

In many cases, the issue is not lawn negligence. There are tons of pests that can potentially ruin your lawn. And a lot of them are hard to get rid of.

How Does It Happen?

South Florida weather isn’t without its cons, even for lawn enthusiasts. Warm weather means more opportunities for pests to ruin your yard.

Have you ever noticed your plants inexplicably wilting, losing their color, or not growing anymore? If so, you might be frequently visited by whiteflies. Whiteflies are new insects to South Florida, and they feed from your plants, literally sucking the life out of them.

The whitefly’s even more annoying cousins, the spiral whitefly, spreads a white, waxy substance all over your plants’ leaves to protect their eggs. Also, their feces foster the growth of “honeydew,” a black, sooty mold that can build up on all over your lawn and patio.

Aphids are also known to suck the juices out of your plants and leave honeydew everywhere. But if your lawn itself never seems to look green no matter what you do, you may have chinch bugs. Chinch bugs feed from your grass, stripping it of the nutrients it needs to flourish.

A Local Pest Control Company That Knows About Lawn Maintenance

So what can you do to save your lawn? Because frankly, these kinds of pests are not going to go away just because you dumped some store-bought pesticides on your lawn. And that South Florida sun keeps these pests active all year long.

AAA Riteway offers services to get rid of every single one of those pests (and more) for good. Not only that, but AAA Riteway can help you make sure your lawn looks its best with their weed control and lawn treatment services.

If your lawn looks less than beautiful, call AAA Riteway for a free inspection at 954-715-4372 if you’re in Broward County or 561-475-3240 if you’re in Palm Beach County.

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