A new pest was reported attacking ficus trees and hedges in Miami, Florida. This pest was identified as the fig white fly, Singhiella simplex, and is a new US continental record.

Whiteflies are small, winged insects that belong to the Order Hemiptera which also includes aphids, scales, mealybugs and bugs. These insects typically feed on the underside of leaves with their “needle-like” mouthparts. Whiteflies can seriously injure host plants by sucking juices from them, causing wilting, yellowing, stunting, leaf drop, or even death.

If your property has whitefly damage, call us and we will treat it effectively and affordably.  We will also help you prevent future damage.

In addition to helping homeowners with their whitefly problems, we work with property management companies across South Florida to exterminate whiteflies in homeowner associations, condos and apartment building properties.



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