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If you suspect a termite problem, don’t kid yourself—each one you see in your home has many brothers and sisters that are capable of causing severe structural damage.
Specializing in termite control, AAA Riteway Pest Management Services is dedicated to providing homeowners in Broward County and Palm Beach County with the peace of mind that comes with complete and lasting freedom from pests.

Termite Inspection and Treatment

Our licensed exterminators will inspect your home’s environment and construction to identify the problem and determine the best course of action.

Using the latest methods and technology, we don’t just postpone the problem; we stop it at the source so it doesn’t keep coming back.

So whether you suspect you already have a termite problem or want to make sure you don’t get one, we can help. For immediate pest control and fast results, call us today at 954-429-0664 or 561-750-8778 and get a free estimate!

Do you have termites?

Termites swarm twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, but they are active 24/7 year-round. When it isn’t swarm season, spotting the living bugs proves to be tricky, but there are other signs you can look for:

  • Floor, wall, or ceiling damage: If you notice any unexplained cracks or sagging in your floors, walls, or ceilings, termites could be the cause.
  • Weakened, hollow wood: Termites thrive in dark, moist environments, meaning they typically eat what is below the surface, creating hollow tunnels in wood. If any of your doors, wooden supports in walls, or furniture sound hollow when you knock on it, it could mean termites.
  • Frass: Termite droppings, called frass, are an indicator of termite activity. Frass varies in color depending on the wood the termites consume, but typically resembles coffee grounds.
  • Discarded wings: After termites swarm, they leave behind their wings. If you see any groupings of iridescent wings, give us a call.
  • Mud Tunnels: Subterranean termites need moisture to survive. They create worm-like mud tunnels along the foundation and exterior of your home to get to different sources of wood. Though hard to see, if identified, call a professional right away.

Termites multiply rapidly, so act now before your small problem becomes a big one. If you see or suspect any of these signs, contact us  for a free inspection.

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