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Ants are the #1 nuisance pest in the United States. Termites cause as much as $5 billion in damage each year. Wild and domestic rodents have been reported to harbor and spread as many as 200 human pathogens.

It’s clear: pests are not something you want infesting your home, business, or property.When you need pest control, remember that our professional, knowledgeable team of exterminator experts can help you with any pest problem you have.

At AAA Riteway, we have years of experience dealing with all kinds of pesky pests—for homes, gardens, and businesses of every type. Over the years, we’ve handled everything from ants and roaches to rats and mice. Big or small, our trained technicians can identify and treat your pest problem at the source.

If you think you have a pest infestation, give us a call today to set up an appointment for a free evaluation at 954-429-0664 or 561-750-8778.

Pest Management

We’re happy to help you keep your home or business clean and safe. Our indoor and outdoor pest control services will keep your home and your family protected.
When it comes to pests, there’s a classic saying that rings true, “The best offense is a good defense.” Our preventative pest management will treat and protect your home and yard year-round. By pairing the most effective products on the market with our 100% commitment to customer service, you will feel confident entrusting your pest management to AAA Riteway.

Call us today for a free inspection. A licensed AAA Riteway exterminator will help you determine what services you need and what package is right for you.

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South Florida’s mild winter climate doesn’t just bring out-of-towners who want some sunshine. Warm winters and wet summers mean that most pests are a year-round threat. The good news is you don’t have to share your home or business with these pests.
AAA Riteway is proudly based in Pompano Beach, serving all of Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We’re a local pest control business, so we understand and know how to effectively treat local pests.

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