3 DIY Roach Traps for South Florida Homeowners

Roach Control
No matter where you live, no one wants to deal with roaches. Here in South Florida, roaches, palmetto bugs and other unsightly pests thrive in the warm weather and damp humidity.

So, as a South Florida homeowner, how do you put an end to these unwanted guests? The answer is simple: set a trap to stop roaches in their tracks.

There are several different methods of easy, do-it-yourself roach trapping that involve using everyday household items. From duct tape and bottle traps, to boric acid traps, the opportunities to trap unwanted pests are endless.

Most of the items required for DIY roach trapping can already be found in your home. If you don’t conveniently have them already, it won’t cost you more than a few bucks to stock up on materials. Before you set you traps, keep in mind that placement is key for effective trapping. Set your traps where there’s likely going to be roaches, or where they are most likely to visit for scavenging food and water.

By following the recommended steps as directed, you can safely and effectively put a stop to roaches before an infestation occurs. Check out these quick tips for DIY roach control, and what the AAA Riteway team can do to help eliminate your roach problem for good.

1. Duct Tape Traps

The first step of making your duct tape roach trap is to cut a piece of duct tape about six inches long. Face the tape sticky side up, and fold both ends of the tape inwards with about half an inch of the non-sticky on opposite ends. This makes it easier to remove the tape for disposal.

The next step of making your duct tape roach trap is placing the trap in an area with the most pest traffic. Be sure to include bait in your trap, such as small amounts of sweets and fatty food in the center of the tape. Don’t forget to use solid food for bait purposes, as liquid will make the glue ineffective.

Tip: Use peanut butter with a little sugar sprinkled on top for a bait they won’t resist. Add in small amount of boric acid to make sure any roaches that escape don’t make out for long.

2. Jar Traps

Not sure what to do with those old mason jars taking up space in your kitchen cabinet or recycling bin? Use them to make a DIY roach trap. Before you begin trapping, here’s a list of things you’ll need:

• Jar or bottle (Glass is recommended, but plastic will work as well. Mayo jars and pickle jars are your best option.)
• Vaseline
• Bait
• Tape (optional)

The first step of your jar roach trap is to make sure that your jar is clean and dry. Line the inside of the jar, especially in the curves around the opening with petroleum jelly, or Vaseline. This will ensure that the inside is slippery enough so that the roaches can’t climb out.

Place your bait at the bottom of the jar and place the jar traps in areas where there’s likely going to be roach traffic. If you have pets or kids, keep these out of reach. It is recommended that any food item that has a strong sweet or oil smell will work great as bait.

3. Boric Acid Paste Trap

Boric acid paste traps are simple to make.

To make an effective roach killing paste, combine 3 teaspoons of boric with 3 teaspoons of sugar and 3 teaspoons of water. Mix these three ingredients into a sticky paste. Then, apply the boric acid paste trap in areas of your home where there is high traffic for roaches.

When the roaches eat the paste, the boric acid will dehydrate them and cause them to die. They will carry the paste on their bodies and legs back to their nests where it will spread, eliminating the nest with a two-week period. If it doesn’t make more paste and reapply it.

Professional Roach Control in South Florida

Although homemade DIY roach traps do their job, you must remember that they are primarily used to supplement professional pest control. These DIY roach traps kill individual roaches, but they cannot target the infestation as a whole. If you are a South Florida resident in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, contact the AAA Riteway team today.

At AAA Riteway, our team of professional pest control experts have the tools and experienced needed to tackle your roach infestation.

We specialize in all areas of residential and commercial pest control and lawn maintenance, including general pest management and termite control. No matter the unique pest control needs of your home or business, count on AAA Riteway to provide the most effective pest elimination services you’ve ever experienced.

To schedule your no-obligation estimate, contact AAA Riteway today at (954) 289-6273 or (561) 257-5330 for a free inspection. To learn more about the pest control services we have to offer, call us today to get started. We look forward to keeping your home roach-free!

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